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Lull's Opportunities for Vocalization and  Expression of Self.

Mission Statement

The purpose of the school wide communication program is to provide all students equal access to academic, personal,social and vocational programs. All students attending Lull Special Education Center will be given opportunities to use alternative communication systems throughout their day. These communication skills will help them become successful in various programs, classrooms,schools and career activities. Students will gain independence, self confidence and positive social  interactions through using skills obtained in the communication program.

We Agree That :


♦ All students can learn.
♦ There is more than one way to communicate.
♦ Personal Coomunication supports independence.
♦ Pictures are a universal form of communication.
♦ Communication increases vocational opportunities.
♦ All students have the right to access communication.
♦ Communication skills encourage social interaction.
♦ Everyone has something to say.

Our Program Goals:

♦All students will be introduced to, develop and impart communication skills based on their individual needs and abilities.

♦All students will develop meaningful personal communication.

♦ All students will develop skills that can be used throughout various