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Fred Lull Community Satellite Program

Reseda Campus

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The Fred Lull Community Satellite  program will move Fred S. Lull Special Education Center from one isolated site to small learning communities.  Fred S. Lull Community Satellite Program will be housed on three separate campuses that will provide a comprehensive included program for students with moderate/severe/profound needs.

The Philosphy

The project redesign’s foundation provides the "what” of the program.  The beliefs and philosophy are the “we agree” statements.  The mission statement describes the redesign program’s purpose and provides the vision.


The staff at Lull Special Education Center agrees that:


  • All students are capable of learning
  • Communication is the key to student success
  • Personal communication supports independence
  • Communication skills increase vocational opportunities
  • Communication skills support positive behavior
  • Communication skills encourage social interaction
  • Everybody has something to say!

The Vision

Students in the redesign program will have the opportunity to move from elementary, middle, and high school programs to be included with age appropriate peers as determined by their IEP.  Students from other special education programs and centers may be placed in the Fred Lull Community Satellite  as determined by their IEP, space availability and Division approval.


Specific student needs will be the focus of the redesign delivery system at Lull Special Education Center.  These needs will be addressed by a management system that will ensure parents that their children will be included at a general education site with all of the support they previously received at the special education center.


Students presently attending Fred Lull Special Education Center are working with a communication centered curriculum.  This focus on communication will continue and steps will be taken to ensure that students are using this curriculum by each management team member.  Lull students will use their acquired communication tools with their general education peers in classrooms, and, other school and community activities.

Lull Community Satellite Program (Reseda Campus)

Currently the redesign has been implemented this year at the High School level the Lull Community Satellite Program (Reseda Campus). Three of our Lull Special Education Classes and Staff relocated to the Reseda Campus.

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Lull Community Satellite Office

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Recess Yard & Lunch Area