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Clubs & Programs

Delivery & Pickup

 Room 14 makes daily trips to every classroom on the campus, to collect any paperwork needed in the office.

They are very prompt and very courteous.

Room 14

Room 14 picks up the attendance daily. They are  always prompt.

Thank You

Room 14

Lull's Library

Lull Library is an intergral part of our special program. . All the classes love to visit the Library  

Life Skills

 Life Skills club is very important to our students each and every child learns to be responsible for a job. Some students help with watering, other students help with housekeeping duties. Still other children learn campus jobs such as working in the cafeteria, school maintenance helper, manning the student store helping in the main office.


Jewelry Making

The children in Room 14 are busy developing their manipulative skills while  beading jewelry.